Location: Vilnius Lithuania

Modern nomad, an activist and a friend.

I’ve spent a lot of my time on the road — it’s in my nature. Often I’ve hitchhiked, cycled or hiked a mountain.

I’m a thinker, maker & activist. I like making stuff, be it from wood, electronics or code.

I’m a techie working at Automattic. As a hobby, I build open source & non-profit travel projects (I co-founded Trustroots and I’m also behind Hitchwiki, Nomadwiki and Trashwiki).

I enjoy a company of positive and talkative people. Don’t be evil. Be yourself.

I have a good tolerance for different people and behaviour. You can be odd if you want to.

I live with Simona and our two kiddos.

We’re often out of Vilnius and we don’t plan much ahead; I don’t usually know what are my plans many weeks ahead. Last minute messages are great!

We’re often heading out to the countryside on the weekends.

I love cycling, sauna, inspiring music and I have high respect for good, fresh food.


See ya! 👋