HackerCouch is “Hospitality for Hackers”. To pledge your couch, you must file a Pull Request. More detailed instructions are [here][add].

The idea isn’t new, it has been tried before as well. The reason we are trying this again is:

  • The idea of a Fork->PR->Merge->Publish flow with almost zero effort
  • Filing a pull request is a great filter for hackers
  • hackercouch.com was available
  • This comment by @sirupsen on HN



Our disclaimer policy is on our website.


This uses Jekyll collections and the base Jekyll theme. The very little code here is licensed under the MIT License. However, everything under the _couches directory is licensed under the CC0 license. If you file a PR to this repo, you agree to having your “couch information” available under this license.

The minimum required information is your nick, city and country code.