Add your couch

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Create a file in the _couches directory called Use the basic template provided below
  3. Commit
  4. File a Pull Request

Marking unavailability

When you are unavailable, just delete your and send a new Pull Request. Later, you can git revert to make yourself available again.


name: Your Name #optional
city: your_city #required
country: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code (2 characters, uppercase) #required
region: region in your city #optional
email: email_address #required
github: github_username
twitter: twitter_username
facebook: your_facebook_username
reddit: reddit_handle
couchsurfing: couchsurfing_username
bewelcome: bewelcome_username
trustroots: trustroots_username
warmshowers: warmshowers_user_id

Extra info you might want to provide about your couch.
Whether you have internet connectivity, and so on.

**Note**: This accepts markdown

Note that only these fields are required:

  • country
  • city
  • email

If you do not provide a name, the filename will be used as one.

We pull your avatar from


The CI build runs html-proofer which checks the validity of all http links, so they need to be working fine. The country code must also be correct as per the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 list. It should be a 2 character country code.

Once a build passes (and the branch is master), our CI scripts will auto-commit and push the compiled site to the gh-pages branch, publishing the result to in a few minutes.


Once you have filed a Pull-Request, I will merge your commit and your listing will be live on master contains the latest source for the website, and your pull requests must use master as the base. gh-pages is automatically pushed every time a new commit is made on master.