Location: Rural Kotagiri India

I travel a lot (more than I’d like) but my current temporary home is in Kotagiri. We have a spare room with an attached bathroom. We have a fridge, a gas stove, a dining table, tea, and tethered wifi. Please get in touch to see if I am in Kotagiri at the moment; I split my time between India and Canada (6mos/6mos).

I practice Zero Waste. This means all garbage in my house falls into two categories:

  1. Clean/washed recyclable dry waste (e-waste, paper, plastic, metal, glass).
  2. Compost.

…for this reason, I do not cook or eat meat at home and I do not have food delivered. Guests will need to follow these simple rules: no meat in the house and no mixed (non-recyclable) waste. The latter means no delivery and no take-out. Hopefully no one will find these restrictions too inconvenient.

Local amenities include a supermarket, drycleaner, tailor, a few restaurants, and a couple coffee shops / cafes. Cooke Town is primarily residential which means it’s quiet… but not that convenient. :)